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Video of 6-8 weeks (43-58 days) old ferret kits (babies)

At this age behavior and physical abilities of ferret kits change drastically. They start fighting with each other for the „prey“ and start hiding it same as adult ferrets do. This is the age when baby ferrets explore the surroundings with a great passion and discover new games. The world is still scary without the mom, and it is still scary to go far away from the nest, but the curiosity starts taking over.

Kits are improving their physical abilities day by day. They learn to run in jumps and climb. Beginning is always hard and not all the attempts are successful. At the end of the video below you can see how mother teaches kits to jump from sofa to an armchair.

Another important event for ferret kits at this stage of life is the eruption of permanent teeth (yes that early!). Permanent canine teeth develop at the age of 47-52 days. Baby canine teeth fall out at the age of 56-70 days, therefore for few days there is a time when baby ferrets have double canine teeth (small baby canine teeth are behind the permanent ones). Interestingly – female baby ferrets change their canine teeth few days earlier than males.


Age of 7-9 weeks is a crucial time for a socialization. Ferrets need to socialize with other ferrets and with humans. Experience shows that it is very difficult to introduce a new ferret into a household with a ferret that was taken away from his/her mother and siblings earlier than being 8 weeks old. Most of the time in the beginning ferrets are not very happy about new settlers, however the ones that stayed longer with their siblings seem to get used to their new cohabitants faster and with much less stress.

Interaction with human being is also very important at this age.

Polecats – ferrets‘ wild ancestors start temporary leaving the nest at the age of 10 weeks and quit returning to it at the age of 12 weeks.

Ferrets reach an adult size approximately at the age of 16 weeks. At the age 2,5 – 4 months they are extremely active and curious. They eat (and poop) a ton! At that age they actually eat more than adult ferrets. At the age of 3-5 months ferret babies „discover“ their gender. Young male ferrets start imitating adult hobs. Regardless of the fact that their testicles are still small and not yet descended, they can start grabbing female (or even male) ferret‘s neck and imitate copulation (mating). Such a teenager is even capable to terminate the heat of a female ferret and induce ovulation that leads to the phantom pregnancy.

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